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Pimp My Site Author Paula Wynne shares some top video marketing tips to get your new business start up found on Google.

It may seem tedious and time consuming but video marketing can be quick and easy and will help you get traffic via video marketing views on YouTube and other online video viewing site.

Most people say 'I can't afford video marketing'. I say: Can you afford for your business start up not to be on YouTube - especially because it is the 2nd, yes 2nd largest search engine in the world!

These are pretty simple and basic things that you can do yourself and any quicly put together video marketing campaigns will compliment your digital marketing plans when you start business marketing.

Pimp My Site Author Paula Wynne share some top video marketing tips to get your new business start up found on Google.

Read our Video Marketing Advice and then let's find out how to get viewers and to promote your videos.

How To Get Viewers

1.Use good headlines 

2. Tag your video with keywords to ensure your video is found  

3. Piggyback popular events – you can guarantee there will be plenty of searches with the word Christmas in December.

Remember that YouTube automatically takes a thumbnail from the image at the middle point or half way through your video. So, for a two minute video make sure something interesting is happening at 1:00.

If you need to high quality videos scripted, filmed and edited for a special promotion consider using Pimp My Site’s recommended videographer, Alec Hall-Shaw. He is offering all members and visitors a knock down rate of £350 for a day’s shoot and edit. You end up with a video to use on YouTube, viddler or anywhere else you want to promote it.

YouTube Optimisation 

This screenshot shows you how to optimise your YouTube videos. It is best to do this when you uplaod the video, but you can do this by editing your setting in ‘my videos’ if you haven’t already done it. YouTube will automatically choose a thumbnail for your video, but you can change it in your settings.

Why not try out all three thumbnails for a few days or a week at a time, monitor viewings and see which creates the most viral views? Show links on primary pages, tweet and blog about your vids and embed them into your pages.

Add a YouTube button or icon to your home page with links to your YouTube account or video. You can find a range of buttons and icons available by Googling ‘YouTube icon’ or YouTube button’. See the cool icon I found in this screenshot below.

Promote Your Video

1. Embed the video in a blog post. 

2. Tweet a link to that blog post on Twitter. 

3. Embed a YouTube video to your Facebook Page, as well as your website. 

4. If you are using YouTube to host your video, slowly people will subscribe to your channel as you create more content. 

5. With a large subscriber base, you will get more views on your videos.

6. Use buttons to promote your video across all your sites and social platforms.

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