Wanna Be Great At The Stuff You Hate?

Do you?  Well, How to be Great at the Stuff You Hate by Nick Davies has been written for business start up entrepreneurs and freelancers who don't like selling.

Err, that's me then ... says Mel Fenson

Look, it's not so much that I, as a freelancer writer running my own start up consultancy, hate the idea of selling, it's just that I don't think I'm that good at it and anyway who likes a smarmy salesperson?

Yeah, yeah, Nick has heard it all before and he demolished my arguments in the first few pages. And then he waded in with loads of useful ideas for developing business and winning new clients.

Well, How to be Great at the Stuff You Hate by Nick Davies has been written for business start up entrepreneurs and freelancers who don't like selling.

So here's the low-down...

Persuade, Network and Deal

Nick teaches you how to persuade, network and clinch the deal. There are a hundred books about selling on Amazon, but they don't all have Nick's 'can do' attitude. He has bags of positivity (annoying at times) backed up with tried and tested methods for persuading, networking and selling.   

He gives a formula for choosing which businesses to target, how to make the first contact, what you should say at the meeting and how you should ask for business. And he's big on following up at every stage. He's also big on being different, being persistent and enjoying the whole process.

There are examples of how you could structure a letter, what to say during phone calls and even what to say at a networking event. 

What to say at a networking event. Hmm, do we need this much detail?

Actually, I found the networking part a bit weird. There are scripted conversations for how to get rid of boring people -wince- but maybe some readers will find that really handy? Although what if you're at an event and you hear someone say a line from Nick's book to you?! That could be interesting...

Anyway, back to the point.

If you like your advice with a sugar coating, don't read this book

It's a useful, well-written guide to help you improve your selling skills and (hopefully) woo potential customers. It's very easy to read with the text chopped into bite-sized chunks and it bounces along with Nick's enthusiastic tone and in-your-face, refreshingly blunt remarks, 

"People starting out in business have a habit of joining generic networking groups. They are a waste of time because they are full of people who...haven't got any money and they don't know anyone. If they did, they wouldn't be there."

 Hey, he's a salesman, what did you expect? Half truths and a smarmy smile?


Easy-to-read book with loads of useful tips on business development, persuading, networking and the dreaded selling. Good for sole traders and above. Enjoy!

Best quotes from the book:

"If you want to stand out and have a chance of winning business, then you must stop doing what all your competitors are doing and do something different."

"You absolutely, completely, utterly and most assuredly have to meet the person you want to win work from, especially if you are selling a service, because you are the product."

"Keep Doing it. Winning work and developing business and selling never stop. Even when you are slammed busy you must never, ever stop."

'How to be great at the stuff you hate' by Nick Davies is available in iHubbub's Shop. If you want to hear Nick tell you about his book, click here.

Mel Fenson is a copywriter at www.workyourwords.com. Give her a shout if you're after website content, other writing or you just want a chat about life, business and the universe!

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