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About Mapes

Mapes Panels has developed a gigantic rocket and shot impact safe line of overlaid sheets for use in conceal divider, retail veneer and window applications where plan parts require high impact/high weight materials. Mapes compositional boards can be used in any encompassing structure plan for this kind of utilization. The sheets can facilitate any auxiliary complete including Kynar, Anodized and Baked Enamel.

Mapes Panels uncommon single source game plan gives a straightforwardness, single source covering decision for all drapery divider, spandrel and window application. Within the Mapes Panels board can be a creation line finished to enhance any arrangement needed, including Kynar, Anodized and Baked Enamel. The unitized thought of Mapes Panels in like manner decreases field work and is accumulated under a plant controlled condition.

Mapes Panels are planned to show up with the divider surface and encompassing. In any case, joint sheets are similarly available to murder outside mullions in some spandrel, dazzle divider and window applications. Formed corner sheets can clear out the prerequisite for limiting or trim at corner changes.