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About Meier Family

Meier Family Chiropractic is a Waukee chiropractic health facility humbled to be voted the nice chiropractor in Iowa.

We are a complete frame chiropractic health facility that gives offerings for; corrective chiropractic, superior chiropractic, pediatric chiropractic, chiropractic for migraines, chiropractic all through pregnancy, and normal well being and superior chiropractic care.

At Meier Family Chiropractic we awareness on a complicated chiropractic method called The Gonstead System. This shape of chiropractic is designed for long time effects as opposed to brief fixes.

Dr. Nick Meier is based in the Waukee chiropractic health facility. Dr. Nick started out his adventure in chiropractic at the same time as nevertheless in undergrad. Doctor Nick started out going to chiropractic seminars, shadowing doctors, and attending nearby meetings.

He persevered his adventure attending Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. While in the faculty he joined the Troxell Intern Program in which he helped educate Gonstead Chiropractic to different students. Due to his steady dedication, in only his 2nd trimester, Dr. Nick obtained a plaque for finishing one hundred hours of education thru the Gonstead Methodology Institute. He plans to later be part of this organization as a teacher to hold coaching the Gonstead System.

There are such a lot of conditions/conditions that carry sufferers to be searching for chiropractic care. The high-quality component approximately Gonstead Chiropractic is that the superior chiropractic device is so complete we're certified to peer sufferers of every age and demographics!

Here are only a few of the motives sufferers come to Meier Family Chiropractic.

Job/lifestyle: workplace job/seated all day (truck drivers, students), labor-intensive, in your ft all day (server), excessive stress, masses of time at a computer/tv/video game

Trauma: vehicle accidents, hard birth, sports activities injury, difficult falls/slips, herniated disc, annular tears, ache in arms, ache in legs, sprained ankle, twisted knee, pulled a muscle

Life change: Pregnancy, transferring your home, new job, these days commenced running out, lengthy vehicle ride/travel.

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