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About Mekong Delta

Breath Of The Mekong Tours is one of the leading travel agents in Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong Delta, we specialize in providing unique and private Mekong Delta Trip travel experiences. With the motto is towards the difference in each cultural experience, we bring quality and private tours to your family or group friend. Connecting directly with the local culture, we commit to bring the highest satisfaction to our customers.

Customers are the core value shown by the care and style of working with our customers. For Breath Of The Mekong, customers are an important element contributing to the success of the company.

Quality is the top concern of our products, we are committed to bringing the highest satisfaction for customers.

Difference helping shape the company in the broad market, our products are the heart of the whole staff for customers.

Sharing bring Breath Of The Mekong Tours will be a companion unit of charity and social activities, each customer using the company's products will be a sponsor for the charity.

Are you a lover of cultural and historical discoveries? Are you interested in learning new lands? Come to us, a Mekong Trip will bring you new experiences about cuisines, religions, customs and daily life of the locals downstream of one of the longest river in the world.

For us, to bring to you true cultural experiences is the most important mission, not only to preserve but to develop and promote the image of a plains delta located downstream Mekong River – Mekong Delta.