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About Messagizer

Voice broadcasting is an efficient and optimal mass communication technology that allows you to send automated pre-recorded messages to thousands of customers at once. This is the most popular method used for direct marketing in various industry groups to help create prospects and conversions to their clients. Messagizer is a leading voice broadcasting service provider offering services to businesses across Australia and New Zealand. We use the latest web-based technology to manage the huge network traffic and boost the company's online performance. We offer professional voice broadcasting services, including mass calls, ringless voicemail, bulk SMS marketing, peer-to-peer texting and fax broadcasting. Use Messagizer’s voice broadcasting service to notify your business customers about the Promotion and Discounts, purchase, transactions happened or abandoned card notification. Our platform provides advanced planning and tracking capabilities that allow you to use your creative potential to reach the right audience over the phone and make a sale. Visit our website or call us at +61 3 9063 0100 to know more about our voice broadcast related services.