Mobile Brits Handbag Addiction

Mobile Brits Handbag Addiction

United Kingdom

After surveying its members, iHubbub, a new home business and freelancer community, found that most mobile workers loved and needed large bags, most of them choosing a bag over a briefcase, a large portion of them carting around seriously weird items and even some of them revealing some embarrassing handbag stories.

When asked how many bags were owned the highest result was 50 with the lowest ebb at a quaint little 2. Given a choice of bag, briefcase or rucksack as the type of bags preferred by mobile workers, 74% chose bag.

One result leaked the female nation’s love of bags with “I love to pick up bags when they are one sale, I can pick up 3-4 bags in one shopping spree, even though I know that I might not use them until a couple of weeks or months later.”

Many members fessed up to their bag fetish or ‘terrible addiction’, even admitting that they may buy a bag and immediately hate it and it ends up lounging its days out in the back of a dusty wardrobe, under the bed or in a charity shop.

While the majority of responses felt a bag was more practical, but still feminine and more stylish, briefcases could be seen with a more polished and professional finish. Results showed that bags were a little less formal and come in the best shapes, colours and sizes while briefcases appeared to be more rigid with one response being that “Briefcases, to me, are ‘quite old hat’, just over-sized lunchboxes with a handle.”

Some members commented that they liked lots of pockets and plenty of space for a spot of grocery shopping on the way home.

83% of people surveyed chose a large bag size because they liked to carry mobile working tools [] with 53% suggesting they use laptops and surprisingly only 18% using an iPad.

One person said, sadly, that a large bag made them look smaller while another aptly phrased what most women would say about their bag “My bag is my kitchen sink in some ways then it becomes my office and later in the day my shower room and then my chill out spot.”

44% of people surveyed on which strap they preferred chose a shoulder strap, 22% going with a handheld strap, shoulder body strap coming in at 17% and a backpack strap at 11%.

When choosing the bag, colour and comfort ranked highest, cost came in third with durability and space ranking 4th and 5th. Unexpectedly style ranked only 6th with a bag having ample pockets coming in at 7th. One member admitted “If the bag doesn’t shake its pockets and shout ‘touch me’ I’m not interested!”

The most fun that came out of the survey was finding out the most unusual items carried in bags. We've all heard of cotton and thread in case your trousers split but iHubbub probed for peculiar traits and asked the survey audience to spill out their deep, dark handbag secrets.

The usual things such as cards, cash, lip balm, gum, glasses with repair kit, sunglasses, book or kindle, moisturiser, phone, USB stick, phone charger, calculator, car charger, earphones, notepad, pens, diary, business cards, water bottle, nail file, safety pins, hand sanitizer, car keys, sticky tape, car papers, deodorant and make-up kit were listed.

Someone said they always have a pic of Johnny Depp in their bag while another carried a loo roll, toiletries and even … spare knickers to freshen up. Other items piled into a bag were nail glue, a mini torch, fold up scissors, an emergency mini screwdriver set, a tape measure, plastic cutlery for a gobble-on-the-go, socks and a fan (bloody menopause said one member).

Many participants stated that they carried spare underwear, wet wipes or nappies for their kids and poo bags for the dog. One member surveyed owned up to carrying around 51 items in their bag most days.

Oddities such as an ice hockey puck, toothpicks, tissues, insect repellent, a sprig of lavender and a small rubbish bag for used tissues, sweet wrappers because the member ‘can't stand ferreting through loads of rubbish to find keys’.

iHubbub challenged the guys to divulge the truth - do they only carry a cumbersome briefcase to store their lunch? One guys said he carted around a cumbersome bag so he can carry around his cigarettes, a lighter and chewing gum.

Some wild, whacky and weird anecdotes came out in the wash, such as the time when someone had a bag with a magnetic clasp. After a business meeting a secretary came running down the corridor after her because she had her boss's metal pen stuck on the outside of the bag.

One member told how they dug out their keys in front of a new client only to have a tampons swinging merrily on the end!

Another woman told of her embarrassment when, just prior to a gyny visit, she did a quick ‘douche-down-there’ with the only thing she could find in a hurry - an old tissue buried in the bottom of her cluttered bag. After a few minutes spread-eagled before the doctor he popped up and she was mortified to see he had retrieved a crumpled first class stamp from ‘down there’.

iHubbub believes if you want to look stylish, but still professional and be taken seriously in the business world, which is often difficult when looking for the perfect bag, take a look at their mobile working road test. []

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