Pin Guidelines

Before you add your pin, use iHubbub's Home Business Pin Guidelines listed below to ensure your Start- up Home Based Business or Freelance Consultancy is found by our visitors and browsers searching for your type of product or service on Google and other Search Engines.

Adding yourself as a Home Worker, Remote Worker, Freelance Consultant , Virtual Business or Home Business is easy and quick.

Please note: if you want to advertise your business or any special offers, this should be done in our Market, not pinned to the map. While the home page map is a soft-edged way for you to advertise your business, special offers and direct advertising can be done in the Market.

Be Professional

As with all your marketing materials it is best you write in third person - therefore using your business name and not 'me', 'I' or 'we'.

Not only will it make your business pin look more professional to other business owners, it will help your business optimisation. iHubbub optimises your pins for you so your part is to ensure you get your business name into your pin content.

Pin Best Results

Read on to find out how to get the best results from our Home Business Map.

Pin Title

 Your pin title will be optimised for search engines to find your page so choose a great title.

* Use keyword in your page title.

* Ensure your title is short and snappy, describe what you do in less than 25 Characters.

Example 1:
 Copywriter in Birmingham

Example 2: Freelance Press Officer

Example 3: Interior Design For Children

So keep this in mind when creating your page title.

If you have more than one home business or you freelance in several skill areas, please feel free to list yourself again under a new pin. This is recommended for optimal optimisation in search results. When our visitors want to find a home business or person skilled in a particular field they will search our map using keywords.

Member Type
Choose a Member Type from freelancer, home Business, recruiter or remote or home worker, which allows our visitors to search our map using this selection.

Go back to the map after you have added your pin to see this in action.

Logo and Description
Upload a logo or image up to 1MB, png, gif and jpegs are allowed and must be between 80 x 80 and 640 x 480 pixels.

In no more than 2000 characters, tell us about you or your home business. Use this space wisely - sprinkle with your skills or your home business strenghts and really be a showcase to our audience and other potential clients. Don't leave this empty! This information not only shows up on the Pins page listings and in your profile but when someone clicks your pin they will see this information.

Home Working Freelancer on iHubbub's Home Working Directory

We suggest you do your listing in Microsoft Word or another text based package first so you can tweak and fine tune, then do a word count. After that paste it into the space provided.

Your description is used in our page optimisation to describe your business product or service so optimise this as you would optimise your website. See our SEO Forum if you need help on optimisation.


Description SEO Top Tips:

* Your summary should be between 10 and 25 words.
* We automatically use the first 25 words of your description to optimise your pin.
Increase the number of keywords to ensure a keyword rich quick and snappy description.

Keywords Top Tips

* Also ensure you use your product or service's primary keywords.
* Your meta keywords should ideally include 1 to 15 phrases, which is a few words strung together to form a long-tail keyword.
The keyword phrases that you use in your description and body text should occur in your  keywords field at least 1 to 2 times.

Body Text Top Tips

* Your body should be between 200 and 800 words.
Your keyword phrase should occur in your body between 2 and 4 times.
* To increase keyword prominence, increase your keyword's prominence by moving keywords closer to the beginning of your copy.

Contact Information
Please note that your email will not show publicily on site. We hate spam!

Instead it is privately linked to the contact box where anyone who wants to get in touch can send you a message. It is then up to you to respond. We suggest you answer all responses promptly as they may become a client or customer and lead to business revenue or buidling business relations.

Please note: do not place your email in the body text to avoid being spammed by bots that crawl the net looking for the @ sign and then start spamming you! That is why we have set up the 'Contact me' link in your Pin.

So, with all these benefits to gain, why not add your company to our Home Business Directory? And it's free!