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What Should I Ask For In A Settlement?
The insurance company can offer you a settlement after a car accident. However, the claims adjusters may convince you to accept low ball settlements. That’s why you need to understand what to ask for to ensure that you get full compensation.
The figures of the total value of a settlement claim vary from one accident to another. Thus, it is good to consult a Pasadena premises liability lawyer to know how much your settlement could be. Generally, your settlement request should be your injury and other related expenses.
Here are things to ask for in a settlement:
Hospital fees
X-ray fees
Long-term medical care fee
Physical therapy fee
Lost future income
Prescription drugs
Medical test fees
Emergency treatment fee
Doctor’s appointment fees
Ambulance fees
Car replacement and repair costs
However, what to ask for in a settlement depends on different circumstances. Some accidents cause severe injuries, while others cause minor damage and injuries. Your car accident lawyer will advise you on the things to ask for to get fully compensated.
As Schechter, Shaffer & Harris, LLP - Accident & Injury Attorneys Car Accident Lawyers, we understand how different insurance companies work. Thus, we will have an idea of how much money you’ll get. We have been in the lawsuit field for many years. Thus, we know the things to ask for in a settlement. We start by accessing the accident to calculate a fair car accident settlement. Also, we help in gathering evidence that will defend you when filing a claim.

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