IT Java Developer, co-founder of ETL Provider company

Remote or Home Worker, United Kingdom.

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  • ETL/Data Migration Tool
  • Java Development

Category: Computing

About David


Currently a retired IT developer with 35 years experience in various industry sector including the financial Credit Risk sector for 15 years, before that, 7 years at the Environment Agency and before that in the Military/AeroSpace industry.
Very effective team worker with good organisational skills capable of writing/following specifications.

Director and co-founder of ETL Software Supplier company DEX Software Limited

Business Areas in Reverse Chronological Order:

1. Financial Markets Credit Risk – Facility/Security management, Defaulted customer management, Overnight batch processing.
2. Environment Agency – Flood defence monitoring, Water systems biological health management.
3. Remote Systems Management – Creation and management of remote lights out computer centres, remote management of user community PC's ( approx 28,000 )
4. Math modelling of aircraft systems.

Most recent skills:

1. Java 6 technologies eg. JDBC, Swing, XSLT, Multi Threading
2. Oracle PL/SQL
3. Various web design technologies including Java Server Faces, JBoss Richfaces, JSP and limited exposure to JQuery.
4. Various middleware products eg. Open JMS, Active MQ, Tibco.
5. Frameworks eg. Spring
6. Tools including Netbeans, Eclipse.
7. Web servers ie. Tomcat and JBoss


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