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About Tracy

Super-Secretary is an award-winning organisation offering Business Support Services, Social Media Management, Creative Projects, Writing & Editing.

Have been a wearer of many hats: Executive PA, Recruiter, Office Manager, Presentation Specialist and Project Support. I have over 20 years top notch knowledge and experience gleaned from working throughout the UK and Europe, across diverse industry sectors.

2013 is the year of collaborative projects for businesses. Sole traders, entrepreneurs and SMEs are recognising the value of outsourcing to a dedicated resource as it's extremely cost effective and offers seamless business support. Contact me if you would like to know more about...

1. Outsourcing the day to day management, letting you focus on delivery & growth - without sacrificing quality of service;
2. Accessing specialist skills, knowledge & expertise;
3. Setting up an interim resource to be on call when key team members are out of the office;
4. Handling fluctuations in workload;
5. Saving your organisation money!

Super Secretary...Super Solver!


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