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About Tiktok clone

"As we all know, TikTok and other Chinese apps are banned by the government of India.
So people are moving towards a similar kind of app. TikTok is one of the biggest video sharing platforms in the world.
Despite this, talent will prevail and users will find another option for a great music video app.
We at WebSenor Infotech provide you the finest tiktok clone react native which is similar to TikTok.
This tiktok clone react native allows you to not only lip-sync to other music videos but also include other popular video categories like fashion.
Comedy videos and vlogging. Users will get prizes if the videos get maximum comments, likes, or shares.
You can also get rewarded for commenting on videos as well as watching them.
Moreover, there are hundreds of live filters, visual effects, and stickers that can be used to make the content that your followers admire. how amazing is that!"