Top 100 Home Business Awards

iHubbub is delighted to be working with Babyworld and Glam Family, Making Money Magazine, What Franchise Magazine and IPSE Freelance Network to celebrate the best home business achievements in the Top 100 Home Business Awards.

If you have started a home based business and want to shout about your story or if you have seen milestones of success in running your small home business, you need to think about entering our awards.

Top 100 Home Business Awards


Our judges will decide who receives the top award for being the best home business. They will also select one business as the best in each Home Business Award Category

The Top 100 Home Business Awards are now closed!

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Powered By Our Award Partners

Your entry to the Top 100 Home Business Awards will be showcased a fantastic line-up of Media Partners!

Our media partners who will be helping us to promote the awards are Making Money Magazine, What Franchise Magazine, IPSE Freelance Network, Babyworld and Glam Family which gives your application visibility amongst people who are looking to start up a business or franchise as well as many already running a small home based business or freelance contracting business.

Here's your opportunity to show your pride in the business you run from home, and your chance to jump into the spotlight.

Go on, razz it up so you can be crowned as the Top 100 Home Business!

Glam Family

The Glam Family vertical recorded by ComScore brings together all the family Glam Family sponsoring the Top 100 Home Business Awardsbloggers, Babyworld, Glam Family, Tend (the US version of the family site) together presenting the Glam Family group to the advertising world as the #No. 2 in Family reach just behind Disney.

Find out more about Glam Family.


Babyworld has been around since 1996 and has always been supported by a passionate and dedicated team of people who have had close involvement in the nurturing and development of the site.

Babyworld sponsoring the Top 100 Home Business Awards

Babyworld believes that becoming and being a parent is one of the most important jobs that we will ever do and that information and a thriving community should be available to parents 24/7.

Babyworld is committed to bringing informative, up to date information and support that is in tune with the needs of today’s parents-to-be and new parents.  The site focuses on providing information from trying for a baby, throughout your pregnancy, labour and birth and how to look after your baby from 0 – 3 years.

Visit Babyworld to find lots of baby and parenting advice.

Making Money Magazine

making money sponsoring best direct sales business Whether you want to invest in a high value management franchise or are looking for a low cost way to earn a few extra pounds a week, contains details of hundreds of money making ideas.

Starting your own business can be a daunting prospect. While many entrepreneurs start their companies from scratch, the business opportunities and franchises featured on Making Money allow you to effectively buy your own business and benefit from concepts proven to be in demand.

However, buying a business is not a decision to be taken lightly, so make sure you do your research before investing money in any opportunity.

By using Making Money’s easy-to-search website, you can research ways to make money that will suit your budget, skills and interests.

What Franchise Magazine

What Franchise Magazine takes a look at all the franchise opportunities available in the UK in 2015.

The website contains an extensive directory of some of the best franchises currently available in the UK.

In the magazine you will find expert reviews and in depth research into business trends alongside analysis from respected market leaders. By arming yourself with the facts you can be sure to find yourself a highly lucrative UK franchise opportunity.

Visit What Franchise to see more details.

Remote Employment

Remote Employment is the No.1 job site for flexible home based jobs working from home. Their website connects home workers and freelancers with employers looking for people to work at home.Remote Employment sponsoring top 100 home business awards

It's Simple. You look for jobs, apply through the website and the employer gets in touch.

Remote Employment has over 35,000 subscribed members.


Award Judges

You need to wow and impress our judges with your entry so be sure to read each award category details before you enter. Check out our judges so you know who is judging you and what they're looking for in these awards.

See our judges and what they are looking for with your Award Entry.


Give Your Business A Publicity Boost

By entering your home business in our Top 100 Awards, you’ll receive free publicity and exposure in the media and mucho kudos for your business.

The best stories are always the ones that get noticed by the media. During the awards programme iHubbub will be hunting down all the best stories to help you get into your local papers.

That is why you should spend a bit of time thinking and chewing on your category application question.

Not only will the best ones impress our judges, but they will also outshine any dull entries when we come searching for PR stories. Yours may even get noticed by the national newspapers.

Find out more about getting your business some free publicity.

More information on how to win awards and what it can do for your business publicity.



Entry Details

Before you decide to enter, take a good look at all the award categories here.

Find out why you should enter and more importantly, how to enter the Top 100 Home Business Awards.

And finally, when you have read all the info above and are ready to go ahead, pop over her and enter.