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About Tony

99% of my years in business has been spent helping people achieve their objectives.

Within that period I have worked for various companies including Bowater Group, Hitachi, Dunlop, Certified of USA. Dun & Bradstreet etc. I have been involved in every type of selling, from merchandising, U.K key accounts negotiation, cold calling, commission only, exhibition sales, retail sales and telephone sales. I have appeared on TV with my own list company and our own advertising screens company. I have held positions of Head of Sales, Sales Director, Head of Marketing, Publicity Exec and Exhibition Orgz'r. trained and recruited sales teams but always remembering the lessons learned from my early days as a young "rep".

I have attended over 150 courses, trained numerous sales teams, employed and sacked hundreds of sales people. For over 24 years I ran my own data supply company with up to 20 salespeople, 30 staff and at times over 50 out workers.

After retiring a few years ago, I decided to return and continue to work for my son within his emailing business. He has now expanded into manufacturing and I have now made the decision to set up a new company as both current list owner and as a list consultant. With my experience of business in general, overall sales and marketing experience and over 30 years involved in lists and data supply, I can hopefully continue to bring help, honesty, good advice and that rare common sense into an ever changing and sometimes bewildering industry.