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The Ninja Warrior Course for Kids is an instructional video game that was designed to help teach kids about the military. The game takes the player on a mission to help the ninja warriors battle evil ninjas who wish to steal a katana called The Ninja Sword. This game also teaches children the importance of discipline and proper etiquette, among other things. In this video game, players will also learn how to use different tools such as the sword, hand grenades and more.

The Ninja Warrior Course for Kids is available in two different versions, each one featuring different levels of difficulty. The first version of this game has three different levels, while the second version offers four different levels. Each level in the game teaches the player various skills and abilities that will be useful for playing the next levels of the game. This includes the ability to sneak up behind your opponents, throw various objects and even perform hand gestures to communicate with other ninjas. With the help of the various weapons available, kids can overcome obstacles in the levels.

The Ninja Warrior Course for Kids is very popular among both parents and children. It is available in both the DVD and the CD version. Parents will find this game very educational and fun for their kids. It is great for children ages eight years and up, as it teaches them all about discipline, patience, teamwork and more.